When sheet metal is bend, the inside bending surface is compressed. Whereas the outer surface is stretched. As a result, overall sheet length increases. You can use this sheet metal flat pattern calculator to calculate this increase in length.

After bending total length of sheet metal part increases.

For example when sheet metal of length “L” is bend. After bending, the total length (A+B) is larger than length “L”. Click this Link!! To know more about sheet metal k-factor and flat length calculations.

How To Use Sheet Metal Flat Length Calculator

Here are the steps to be followed to calculate sheet metal flat length:

Step-1: Enter Flange Length, Internal Radius and Thickness values.

Step-2: Enter K factor values. Use K-Factor Calculator to calculate k factor values.  

Step-3: Value of Bend Deduction and Flat pattern are shown in Result Section.

Note: Keep default values in calculator as zero.

Sheet Metal Flat Pattern Calculator

To sum up, This calculator can be used to calculate sheet metal flat length. Sheet metal flat pattern is calculated using k factor. k factor value can be calculated by reverse engineering method. 

We will keep adding more information on sheet metal flat pattern calculator. Please share your suggestions, comments or questions in the comment box.

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