Transfer of heat from one place to another due to the molecular movement of fluids (Air or liquid) is known as convection heat transfer. When molecules move from one place to another they carry heat with them. Convection calculator can be used to calculate the convective heat transfer. Click this Link!! for more information on convection heat transfer.

Formula For Convective Heat Transfer

Rate of convective heat transfer is directly proportional to heat transfer surface area, convective heat transfer coefficient and the temperature difference.

Convection Heat transfer (Qv) = hc A dT


Qv = Convective heat transfer per unit time in Watt

A = heat transfer area in square meter

hc= Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient (W/square m K)

dT = Temperature Difference

Convective Heat Transfer coefficient Calculations

Value of convective heat transfer coefficient depends on air speed. You can use the below formula to calculate convective heat transfer coefficient for air velocity range from 2 m/sec to 20 m/sec. 

Convective Heat Transfer coefficient Values for air:

Natural Convection =  5 – 25 W/m² K

Forced Convection =  10 – 200 W/ m² K

Convective Heat Transfer Calculator

Convection Heat Transfer Problem Example

Question: Consider an electronics component that is transferring heat to a flat plate of size 200 x 200 mm and at a temperature 50 ºC. This flat plate is cooled using forced air at a temperature 22 ºC. Convective heat transfer coefficient of forced air is 100 W/m²K. Calculate the convective heat Transfer? 

Answer: This is the example of real life problems that engineers face during product Design. This Problem can be solved by using a convection calculator or manually.

Temperature Difference =  50 – 22 = 28 ºC

Convective Heat transfer Coefficient = 100 W/m²K

Surface Area = 200 x 200 = 40000 mm² = 0.04 m²

Convective Heat Transfer = 100 x 0.04 x 28 = 112 watt

We will keep adding more details on convective heat transfer calculator. Please add your comments or questions on convection heat transfer calculator in the comment box.

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