Profile of a Surface Control Tolerance in GD&T

Profile of a surface control tolerance in gd&t is a type of profile control tolerance. It creates a 3D tolerance zone and controls the size, orientation, location and form of a feature simultaneously. When applied to a surface, it controls the allowable variation in a surface from true surface. Don’t Miss this article on the basics of “Geometric Dimension and Tolerance”.

Profile of a Surface Control Tolerance Representation

Profile of a Surface Control Tolerance creates a uniform 3D boundary tolerance zone along full length and width of the surface.

GD&T Profile of surface control can be used with or without datum plane and all-around. But MMC and LMC modifiers are not applicable with it. Click this link to know the symbols used in geometric and control dimensional tolerances.

Tolerance Zone

“Profile of surface Control” in GD&T creates a 3-dimensional tolerance zone of two surfaces parallel to the true controlled surface and at a distance equal to the tolerance value. All points on the controlled surface should lie within this tolerance zone.


Profile of surface control is generally used to control complex, curved or irregular surfaces such as profile of a turbine blades, a car aerodynamic surfaces, complex critical surfaces etc. Surface control tolerance is used as an alternative to control flatness, Cylindricity, orientation or feature size. Here are application examples of Profile of surface control Tolerance.

As shown in above example, when profile of surface control tolerance is applied to all-around surface. It controls the size and flatness of that feature or surface.

As shown in above, when the requirement is to match surfaces with good accuracy and precision (tool die mating surfaces or top and bottom housing mating face). Profile of surface control is the best available option to control the required surfaces.

We will keep adding more information of profile of surface control in gd&t. Please add your suggestions, comments or questions in the comment box.

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