Doctors using Microsoft Hololens

What is Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality combines the best of virtual and augmented reality. it is the next level of evolution in the interaction of virtual and real world. MR allows users to immerse in a virtual environment while interacting with real environment. In this article we will discuss what is mixed reality and how it is different from virtual and augmented reality.

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In mixed reality, real word objects are integrated in the virtual world. As a result in MR, virtual and real objects coexist and interact in real time. Movements in real word are transferred to the digital world. Therefore users can manipulate both real and virtual worlds. For example, in one moment service engineer is checking how to change a machine part and the next moment he is changing the part.

    How User Interact in Mixed Reality

      Doctors using Microsoft Hololens

      MR completely changing the way, how machines and humans interact? MR  utilizes following technologies to interact with Virtual world.

      • Gesture input (Head and hand movement, eye tracking)
      • Environmental input (user position in real world)
      • Spatial Mapping and Spatial Understanding
      • Ambient light
      • Sound
      • Object Reorganization etc.

      Mixed Reality vs Virtual Reality

      MR has applications similar to virtual reality and augmented reality. But it offers advantages of interacting with real and virtual environments in the same time. We suggest you to real this article on Augmented reality vs Virtual Reality.

      Example 1   

      Let’s compare the difference between augmented and virtual reality experience. When these products are used on shop floor. 

      Case 1 : Augmented Reality

      Using AR device such as smartphone or google glass assembly engineer gets step by step instructions in front of the screen. If required engineer can get real time support from his seniors. But this interaction between real and virtual world is not streamlined.

      Case 2 : Mixed Reality

      Using MR device such as Microsoft Hologram, Engineer can interact with virtual world. For example engineer can open engine 3D in virtual environment. From there he can get step by step instructions. Therefore MR is taking the advantage of both virtual and augmented reality.

      Example 2 (Video Games)
      Let’s consider one more example of playing video game in mixed and virtual reality.

      Case 1: Virtual Reality 

      Virtual reality gives completely immersive experience to gamers. They have nothing to do with outside environment. To offer interactive experience players require input devices such as : Hand gloves

      Case 2 : Mixed Reality

      MR utilizes the immersiveness of virtual reality being in real world. For example while playing games using mixed reality device such as magic leap. Game characters will pop in your space. For example, Game character popping up from your drawing room wall

      Mixed Reality Devices


      Mixed reality offers the advantages of both Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. It has applications in manufacturing, service, education and medical industry. We suggest you to read article on Digital Twin Technology.

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