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What is Digital Twin Technology

Manufacturing industry is going digital because of the growth in IoT, sensor technology, cloud computing and machine learning. Digitization of manufacturing has evolved the concept of Digital Twin Technology. “Digital Twin” concept leverage the advantage of collected data. Collected data is analysed to provide insight in decision making process. 

Digital twin is next big thing in the era of fourth industrial revolution for the development of products and processes. 

What is Digital Twin Technology?

Digital twin is a digital profile (or replica) of any asset in real word. An asset can be a component, product, manufacturing process, system or a group of systems. Digital twin monitors entire life cycle of asset.

How Digital Twin Technology Works ?

The term digital twin was originally coined by Dr. Michael Grieves in 2002. Digital twin connects real and virtual worlds by collecting real time sensor data using IoT connected sensors. 

Real time data is stored in cloud where it is analysed and simulated in virtual copy of assets or products. Analysis and simulation study parameters are applied to real products and assets. Analysis of real time data helps in optimization of product performance.

Applications of Digital Twin

Digital twin can be applied in following industries. But it in not limited to this.

  1. Aerospace Industry
  2. Oil and Gas industry
  3. Healthcare
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Automotive
  6. Consumer Electronics
  7. Construction
Digital twin concept can be applied at various levels of product life-cycle. Lets discuss some of the real word applications of digital twin technology with examples.
Continuous Engineering and Design with Digital Twin

We will try to understand this with an example. Lets consider a car company launches new car equipped with process monitoring sensors. All sensor data can be send to cloud using IoT for further analysis.

Live data from cloud is used to analyse system usage, performance and adaptability. This data can help engineering team in various ways. Sensor real time data is compared with expected data. If team observes any issue. They can run digital twin on vehicle. Therefore they can find root cause of the problem and improve their existing and future designs.

Digital twin allows engineers to verify key concepts in digital world without building prototypes.

Advantages of using Digital Twin in Design and Engineering

  • What-If Simulations
  • Accelerate Product Time to market
  • Operational Planning
  • Reduced Prototype Cost
  • Safer Products
  • Drive Innovation
  • Improves Product Reliability
Production line and Machines Virtual Commissioning

Digital twin offers an effective and less expensive way to plan and commission automated production line and machines. The goal of digital twin in commissioning is to run factory without actually building it. This allows automation engineers to detect and resolve problems in early stage of design.

Digital twin also helps in monitoring existing plant and machinery. This allows engineers to optimize existing process for continuous improvement. 


  • Reduced Commissioning Cost.
  • Detect and resolve problems in early stage of design.
  • Accelerate Product Time to market
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Remote Product Commissioning
Predictive Maintenance and Remote Diagnosis

Digital twin aids in predictive maintenance of an asset. Lets consider an example of pump working on site. Digital twin model of the pump is created by getting real time sensor data from pump. This helps in prediction of maintenance schedule.

Advantages of Digital Twin in Preventive Maintenance : 

  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Spare Parts inventory Management
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Increase reliability of assets on production line by predictive maintenance schedules.

Digital twin can help in providing personalized healthcare for each individual. Every patient can have a digital twin that will represent his health status.

Lets consider a case when a patient is diagnosed with heart disease. Based on patient health condition doctor can prepare patient specific bio physical model (digital twin). It will behave like a the way patient body behaves.

Doctor can simulate various scenarios on patient digital twin. This will help doctor in finding the right solution for his patient. In this way health industry can provide personalized care for each individual.  

Advantages of Digital Twin in Healthcare

  • Personalized Healthcare
  • Remote Patient Diagnosis
Hotel Industry
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Digital Twin is also changing the way how hotel industry works. Microsoft Azure smart hotel 360 is offering the solution for the same. Digital twin allows hotel managers to manage complete hotel using digital twin. Using digital twin they knows how many rooms are occupied, what is electricity consumption, pending room cleaning work or maintenance work etc.

Therefore using digital twin hotels can offer good experience to their customers.

Advantages of Digital twin In Hotel Industry

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Saves Cost

Companies Offering Digital Twin Services

Following are the some of big companies who are offering digital twin solutions.


To sum up, Digital twin will play very important role in industry 4.0. It will completely change the way we do design or manage our data and do business. Digital twin is created using sensors connected with IoT.  They are utilized along with other emerging technologies such as machine learning.

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