Role of Mechanical Engineer in PCB Design

Now a days, market disrupting big ideas are coming from new startups and innovators. They have no previous experience in product design. 

In initial design stage, sometime innovators and startups gives more preference to pcb hardware design and software without considering product aesthetics. This approach can cause loss of time and money.

Right Approach

Ultimately Customer only cares about final product. For example, customer purchasing a mobile or laptop, is only concern about its quality, finish and functions. He does not care about inside PCB and Components. 
We can conclude while working on new product development, firstly Product aesthetics need to be finalized without compromising  product functions and cost.

Role Of Mechanical Design in PCB Design

Product aesthetics is governed by product mechanical design. In another words we can say mechanical design is also one of important governing factor along with hardware deign.

PCB Layout

PCB layout is completely governed by product aesthetics. Layout engineers shall demand following details from mechanical team.

  1. PCB Outline
  2. PCB Mounting Details
  3. Connector Positions
  4. Maximum component height constrains

Heat Dissipation 

Due to miniaturization heat dissipation becomes very important part of a product design, Mechanical designer can help in improving PCB heat dissipation with manual calculations and thermal analysis. This practice can increase pcb life and reduce product development time. That will ultimately saves cost.

Harsh Working Environment 

During complete life cycle PCB has to withstand harsh environmental conditions. PCB layout has to be done in such a way that it shall withstand harsh environments such as :

  1. High and Low Temperature Conditions
  2. Temperature Cycling
  3. Humidity in environment
  4. Shock and Vibrations


To sum up, mechanical designer can play very important role in a good PCB Design. All points from mechanical prospective need to be considered in initial design stage.  

Hiring a Mechanical Design Service at the initial design stage of your pcb layout, can save redesign cost and reduce product time to market.

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