Advantages and Disadvantages of Injection Molding

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Injection molding process is most widely used plastic manufacturing process. You can find countless injection molded products around you. In this article we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of injection molding.

Advantages of Injection Molding

Plastic Injection molding offers followings advantages.

High Efficiency

Injection molding process is very fast compared to other plastic manufacturing methods. High production rates are achieved using injection molding. 

Complex Part Design

Complex parts with consistency can be manufactured using injection molding.

Design Flexibility

Wide variety of material from clear, opaque to flexible are available.

Ability to use multiple plastic materials Simultaneously

Multiple plastic materials can be used simultaneously. For example, TPU or metal inserts are molded with plastic part. 

Flexibility in Colors

 Multi color part manufacturing is also feasible using Plastic overmolding

Reduced Waste

Excess plastic after injection molding can be reused. But degradation of material properties after injection molding should be considered.

Good dimensional consistency and control

Injection molded parts has good dimensional consistency.

Ability to insert molding

Metal or plastic Part/insert can be overmolded during injection molding of plastic parts.

Disadvantages of Injection Molding

High initial tooling Cost

Initial injection molding tooling cost is very high. Therefore for small volumes injection molding is not recommended. But for low production volumes Plastic prototyping techniques can be used. 

Part Design Restrictions

Plastic part design guidelines need to be followed to achieve good quality and consistency during production.

Not economical for low volumes

Injection molding is not recommended for small quantities. Injection molding tool development required high cost and time. For small quantities it is recommended to use other plastic part prototyping techniques.


To sum up, Injection molding offers various advantages compared to other plastic manufacturing processes. All of these advantages comes with high tool cost and manufacturing time.

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