Various types of pipe coupling : Pipe Fittings

Pipe Coupling is a type of pipe fitting consisting of internal pipe threads, socket type arrangement, soldering or brazing that are used to connect or join equal or different diameter pipe sections.

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Applications of Coupling used in Pipes?

Coupling pipes are required in following scenarios.

  • Connect equal or different diameter pipes to increase overall pipe length.
  • Pipe couplings are required to connect broken pipes or in sections where leakage is occurring.
  • To join different diameter pipes.

Materials used in Pipe Coupling?

Following materials are used to manufacture pipe coupler.

  • PVC
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel

Various types of Pipe Coupling?

Following Types of pipe coupling are available in the market according to their construction and working principle.

  • According to Construction
    • Full coupling
    • Half coupling
  • According to Working
    • Compression Coupling
    • Slip Coupling
  • According to Type of Application
    • Reducer Coupling
    • Permanent Pipe Coupling
    • Removable pipe Coupler
  • According to Pipe Coupling Material
    • PVC Pipe Coupling
    • Rubber Pipe Coupling
    • Flexible Pipe Coupling
    • Carbon Steel Pipe Coupling
    • Stainless Steel Pipe Coupling

We will discuss all to above pipe coupler in detail.

Full Coupling
this image shows Full Threaded Pipe Coupling

ASME B16.11 and ASTM A182 SS standard has defined different types of full coupling to connect 1/8 inch to 4 inch pipes. These coupling can be threaded or socket end type.

Half Coupling
this image shows Half Threaded Pipe Coupling

Half coupling is a type of connector used to join two pipes or pipe with other accessories. Only one end of the half coupling is threaded or has a socket, whereas on the other end the pipe is welded.

Compression Coupling
This image shows Compression Coupling

Compression coupling is a types of coupling that is used to connect aligned pipes or pipes with other pipe fittings. In this a slotted tapered sleeve is placed over the junction of pipe and coupling and two flanges are brought over the sleeve to provide required contact pressure.

Slip Coupling
this image shows Slip pipe Coupling

Slip couplings are easy to install coupling consisting of two pipes arranged in a way that inner pipe can slide up to some required length. 

To repair leakage in a pipe firstly pipe is cut up-to required length. Afterwards slip coupling one end with stop is inserted in one end of the pipe and the opposite end is freely slide over the other end of the pipe. In this way pipe leakage is repaired.

Reducer Coupling
This Image shows Reducer Coupling

Reducer coupling or pipe reducer consist of different size of threads or socket at two ends. They are used to reduce the flow of liquid from a larger pipe to smaller pipe.

Permanent Coupling

In permanent pipe couplings, metal coupling is joined with pipe using soldering or brazing whereas adhesives are used to join PVC pipe with coupling.

Removable Pipe Coupling

In removable pipe couplings, pipes are connected with the coupling using threaded joints or socket kind of arrangement.

We will keep adding more information on various types of pipe coupling. Please add your suggestions, comments or questions on types of pipe coupling and their applications in the comment box. We suggest you also read this article on various types of mechanical couplings.

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