Types of Screw : Screw Drive and Head

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Screw is a external threaded fastener used to align and hold two or more components. Threaded screws are designed to be used either on threaded components or they create threads on their own. Screw driver or special tools are used to install screws. In this article we will discuss various type of screws.

Lot of screw types are available in the market. This guide will help you in selection of best screw for your application.

Screw Description

If you look at screw description. It provides complete information about the type of screw. Lets try to understand this with an example.

Screw Description : M3 X 10 Flat Slotted Head, Stainless, Machine Screw

Above screw description provides following information about the screw.

  • Screw Type: Machine
  • Threads Type: M3
  • Screw Length: 10 mm
  • Head Type: Flat Head
  • Drive Type: Slotted
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Types of Screw

When you look around, you can find lot of screw types. These screws are classified in following categories:

  1. Screw Application
  2. Type of Screw Head Shape
  3. Screw Drive Style
  4. Screw Thread Type

Type of Screws based on Application

Various types of screw are available based on it’s applications.

Sheet Metal Screw
Machine Screw
Set Screw
Wooden Screw
Thread Forming Screw For Plastic
Security Screw
Screw Type Image Description
Sheet Metal Screw Sheet Metal Screw Sheet Metal pointed tip screws used to join metal parts. They require a pilot drill to create threads in metal part.
Machine Screw Machine Screw Machine Screw require internal threads on one of the parts to be joined.
Set Screw Set Screw Set screws are head-less screws. These screws are used where the requirement is of headless screw.
Wooden Screw Set Screw Wooden screw are used to fasten wooden materials.
Thread Forming Screw for Plastics Thread Forming Screw for Plastic These screws are used to fasten plastic parts together without using threaded fasteners.
Security Screw Security Screw These screws are used to ensure product can be disassembled using special tools.

Types of Screw based on Screw Drive

Screws are available in various drive types. Selection of type of screw drive depends on it’s application. For example, uni-direction screw are used where parts are not required to disassembled. 

Frearson Drive Type
Slot Drive Type
Torx Drive Type
Phillip Drive Type
Square Drive Type
Hex Socket or Allen Type
Pozi Driive Type
Screw Drive Image Description
Phillip Drive Phillip Drive This is one of the most commonly used screw drive type.
Slot Drive Slot Drive This is the oldest and commonly used screw drive type.
Frearson Drive Frearson Drive Frearson / reed / Prince screw drive is similar to a Phillips head screws. But they have the advantage of using the same screw drive bit for various screw sizes.
Torx Drive Torx Drive Torx drive has 6 points star shape and used to transmit high torques without damaging the screw head.You can find these screws in miniature products such as watches, smartphones etc.
Square Drive Square Drive Type These screws have application in wooden industry.
Hex Socket / Allen Type Hex Socket / Allen Type They have hexagonal head. They are used to transmit high torques and for applications where screw is not accessible from top
Pozi Drive Type Pozi Drive Type They are similar to Phillips drive type but also have an alternate cross shape.

Screw Head Types

Flat Head Type
Pan Head Type
Truss Head
Socket Cap Head
Hex Head
Round Head
Button Head
Oval Head


To sum up, Product assembly technique and its application affects the selection of type of screw. Read this article to know the difference between screw and bolt here.

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