Difference Between TIG and MIG Welding : TIG vs MIG Welding

Both TIG and MIG welding are the type of arc welding that utilizes electric arc in the presence of inert gas to create the welded joint. Both techniques have their own advantages and limitations. Choosing the right welding technique for an application ensures a good weld joint. Click this Link to Know in detail about Electron Beam Welding Process.

In this article we will discuss the difference between TIG vs MIG Welding considering various parameters. This will help you in the selection of the best welding type for required application.

What is the difference Between TIG and MIG Welding

TIG and MIG welding techniques are different from one another according to various parameters such as welding process, quality and cost involved etc. Here is the list of differences between tig vs mig welding process.

Welding Process
Mig and tig welding gun
TIG and MIG Welding Gun

During MIG welding, a feed wire moves constantly through the MIG welding gun to generate the spark. To create the weld, this generated spark melts the feed wire and fuse it between the base material to be joined.

Whereas in TIG welding, a non-consumable tungsten electrode is used to create the spark / arc. This arc melts the base and filler material to create a welded joint. Filler material is used only when it is required. Therefore in TIG welding, welders can control the speed and depth of weld more precisely compared to MIG welding.

Base Material

In Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding feed wire works as an electrode and filler rod. Therefore thicker parts can be welded without heating parts to their melting temperature. Whereas in TIG welding different materials can be welded together very easily because a separate filler rod is used.

Therefore we can conclude that MIG welding is the best option for very thick and heavy duty welds. Whereas TIG welding is a more effective solution for welding thin and dissimilar material parts.

Weld Quality

TIG welding produces finer and clean welds compared to MIG welding.

Welding Cost

Metal inert Gas welding process is much faster compared to TIG welding. As a result MIG welding labor cost is less compared to TIG welding. MIG welding equipment is also cheaper and readily available compared to Tungsten Inert Gas welding equipment.

Ease of Use

In Tig welding, the welder has to use both hands and one foot to weld parts. Therefore specialized technique is required to weld parts. Whereas MIG welding can be done with one hand only. Therefore we can say MIG welding is easier to operate compared to TIG welding.


In TIG Welding, the welder has more control over the gun and heat produced. Therefore it is more precise compared to MIG Welding.

Welding Speed

A MIG welding has very high speed compared to TIG Welding Process.

Weld Strength

TIG welding produces high strength welds compared to MIG welding


TIG welding is a relatively clean process compared to MIG welding. Because in TIG welding Welder has more control on filler material. Therefore spatter produced during welding is reduced. Whereas MIG welding produces more smoke, fumes and sparks.

TIG vs MIG Welding

Based on above discussed parameters. Following is the summary of the difference between TIG vs MIG welding.

PropertiesTIG WeldingMIG Welding
Electrode TypeNon-Consumable ElectrodeConsumable Electrode
Base MaterialDissimilar materials can be welded.Only similar materials can be welded.
Weld QualityFine and clean weld.Weld quality is not very good.
CostHigh cost.Low cost compared to TIG welding.
Ease of UseExpert operator is required.Relatively easy to operate.
PrecisionHigh precision can be achieved.Used in heavy welding work.
Welding SpeedRelatively slow process.More efficient and productive.
Weld StrengthLow StrengthHigh Strength

To sum up, MIG welding is typically better for heavy duty welding. Whereas TIG welding works best for joining small metal parts. TIG welding can also join two pieces of metal without a filler rod. Click this Link!! to understand various sheet metal joining operations. 

We will keep adding more details on the difference between tig and mig welding techniques. Please add your suggestions, comments or questions on TIG vs MIG welding in the comment box.

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