Solidworks Interview Questions and Answers : Assembly Module

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CAD tools are extensively used for design of mechanical parts are products. If you are looking for a career in mechanical design field, cad tool knowledge is a must. Solid works is one of extensively used cad tools. In this article, we will discuss commonly asked solidworks Assembly interview questions and answers. Refer this post for basic solidworks interview questions with answers.

What are exploded view in solid works?

Exploded views are used to spread out components in an assembly.

Step-1 : Go to insert and select exploded view. Or go to configuration manager and right click the configuration.

Step-2 : Select New exploded view

Step-3 : Select the part to be exploded and define orientation and distance. 

Step-4 : Select apply and done.

What are the types of pattern in solid works assembly?
  • Linear component pattern
  • Circular component pattern
  • Pattern driven component pattern
  • Sketch driven component pattern
  • Curve driven component pattern
  • Chain component pattern
  • Mirror
What is the difference in suppress and hide feature in solidworks?

Suppressed part in solidworks is like a deleted part in an assembly while the hide is like removed view of part in assembly.

What is suppressing tool in solidworks?

Suppressed part in solidworks is like a deleted part in an assembly that is easy to undo. When a part is suppressed all dependencies from that part is also suppressed (features, references, mass, BOM)

What is external reference in solid works?

External reference is used in solidworks assembly to make one part with reference to another in an assembly.

How to copy complete assembly along with drawings, reference parts and aesthetic attributes.

Pack & Go feature is used to copy complete assembly with all associated parts, drawings and attributes.

Step-1 : Open part/assembly to be copied

Step-2 : Go to file and select pack & go. New window will popup.

Step-3 : Select the files to be copied and folder

Step-4 : Modify attributes such as part name, and folder where part has to be saved.

Step-5 : Save the data

What mates are used in solid works?
  • Standard mates: coincident, parallel, perpendicular, tangent concentric, angle, distance
  • Advanced mates : Profile center, symmetry, width, path mate, linear/linear coupler
  • Mechanical Mates: Cam, slot, hinge, gear, rack pinion, screw, universal joint
How to make an assembly configuration in solidworks?

Step-1 : Go to configuration Manager

Step-2 : Right click part/assembly name

Step-3 : Click add configuration

Step-4 : Enter configuration name and description

Step-5 : Press ok

What is design table?

Design Table is used in an assembly to control the configuration with the modification in excel sheet. 

How to generate BOM in solid works?

Step-1: Go to insert

Step-2 : Select Table

Step-3 : Click Bill of Material

What is speed pack in solid works assembly?

Speed Pack is used to create a simplified configuration of an assembly without losing references. While working with large and complex assemblies. Speed-Pack configuration can significantly improve performance.


Solidworks is one of very extensively used cad tool. It offers various modules from concept design to final production. Lot of companies are adopting this tool. This has increased the demand of solid works users. Other than solidworks you should learn other Essentials Software for mechanical engineers. 

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