Solidworks Interview Questions and Answers

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CAD tools are extensively used for mechanical product design. If you are looking for a career in mechanical design. CAD tool can add value. Solidworks is one of extensively used cad tools. In this article, we will discuss commonly asked solidworks interview questions and answers. 

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What is Solid works and its applications ?

Solidworks is a computer aided design tool used for the design, manufacturing & simulation of mechanical products. This tool can be used in complete product development cycle such as :

  • Concept design
  • Detailed Part and Assembly Design
  • Structural and thermal analysis
  • Motion studies
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Manufacturing
  • Inspection e.t.c.
What are templates in solid works?

Templates stores set of rules or default settings in various solidworks modules.

What are configurations in solidworks?

Configurations allows to create multiple variations of a part and assemblies within one document. They provide a convenient way to develop and manage families of cad models with different dimensions, components, or other parameters.

For example a family of screws or nuts can be defined by configurations in solidworks.

How to create a new template in solid works ?

Step-1: Open the required SW module such as part, drawing or assembly.

Step-2: Modify required setting in solid works.

Step-3: Save the file as template.

What are the applications of convert entities ?

Convert entities are used in solid works to draw sketch with reference to any feature of a part.

Step-1: Open sketch module.

Step-2: Select feature edge, loop or surface to be converted.

Step-3: Convert Entities

What is the application of relations in solid works?

Relations are used in solidworks sketch module to define design intent. When we define a sketch, soliidworks automatically add relations. These relations can be edited manually as well.

Solidworks Sketch Relations include:

  • Coincident, Midpoint, Merge and Pierce.
  • Horizontal, Perpendicular Vertical and symmetric.
  • Equal, Equal Slot.
  • Co-linear, Parallel.
  • Co-Radial, Concentric, Tangent and equal curvature. 
  • On edge, on plane,  etc

What are equations in solid works?

Equations are used in solid works assembly and part module to define relationship in between two dimensions. Equations uses global variables and mathematical functions.

How to constraint Spline in solid works?

Following methods are used to constraint a spline

  • Tangent/vertical/horizontal relations to spline direction.
  • Dimensions on spline control.
  • Constrain the position of spline points.
What are the types of pattern in solid works?
  • Linear Pattern
  • Circular pattern
  • Curve driven pattern
  • Sketch driven pattern
  • Table driven pattern
  • Fill pattern
  • Variable pattern
How to insert a reference plane?

Step-1: Go to insert and select reference geometry.

Step-2: Select Add Plane. 

Step-3: Select reference for plane.

What is shell feature in solidworks?

Shell is used to make uniform or variable thickness of a solid body.

How to insert a reference image in Solid Works?

Step-1: Open Sketch Module

Step-2: Go to Tools, Sketch Tools and then Sketch picture

Step-3: Browse the picture

Step-4: Open picture

How to insert a dwg file in SolidWorks?

Step-1: Select a Face or plane 

Step-2: Go to insert click dxf/dwg

Step-3: Import wizard will popup.

Step-4: Define units and other properties.

What is the application of draft feature?

Draft feature is used to provide an angle to a wall from a parting plane. Draft angle is generally used to facilitate easy removal of injection molded parts from injection tool.

What is Hole wizard and how it is used?

Hole wizard is a tool inside solidworks that allows to quickly creating standard & customized holes within a part or assembly without using multiple features.

What are the types of pattern in solid works assembly?
  • Linear component pattern
  • Circular component pattern
  • Pattern driven component pattern
  • Sketch driven component pattern
  • Curve driven component pattern
  • Chain component pattern
  • Mirror
What is the application of interference detection in solid works?

It is used to verify interference between two or more components in a solidworks assembly.

Step-1: Go to Evaluate

Step-2: Select components to be excluded from study

Step-3: Define interference parameters

Step-4: Select Calculate

What is the application of clearance verification in solidworks?

Clearance Verification is used to verify the designed clearance in between two or more parts in a solidworks assembly.

Step-1: Go to Evaluate

Step-2: Select components to be excluded from study

Step-3: Define minimum acceptable clearance.

Step-4: Delect Calculate

How to calculate part / assembly weight in solid works?

Step-1: Ensure material or density of each part is defined.

Step-2: Click Evaluate

Step-3: Check Mass Properties.

How to determine center of mass of a part/assembly in solid works?

In part/assembly: Go to Insert -> Reference Geometry -> Center of Mass

In drawing View: Go to Insert -> Model Items -> in model Item property manager under reference geometry click center of mass.

How to convert a solid part into sheet metal in solid works?

Step-1: Go to sheet Metal Module.

Step-2: Click to Convert to sheet metal

Step-3: Select Fixed face (surface from where all bends will be defined)

Step-4: Specify sheet metal parameters such thickness, internal bend radius and k factor.

Step-5: Select bending edges

Step-6: Select rip edges (SW automatically selects rip edges)

Step-7: Select corner type and corner gaps

Step-8: click ok

How to modify k-factor, bend allowance or sheet thickness values in solid works?

Step 1: Go to feature manager

Step 2: Right click on sheet-metal

Step 3: Select edit feature

Step 4: Modify sheet metal parameters

What are the commonly used features in solid works surfacing?
  • Extrude
  • Revolve
  • Sweep
  • Loft
  • Boundary Surface
  • Offset
  • Fill Surface
  • Extend
  • Trim
  • Untrim
  • Knit
How to make multi-body part in solid works?

To make any part multi-body part  merge option need to be merged.

How to engrave a text in a solid works part?

Step-1: Go to Sketch

Step-2: Add the Text

Step-3: Extrude Cut or Extrude Base the text according to requirement.

What is the application of Circuit Works in Solidworks?

Circuit Works is used to create 3D models of PCB data. It converts PCB data into solid works cad format.


Solidworks is one of very extensively used cad tool. It offers various modules from concept design to final production. Lot of companies are adopting this tool. This has increased the demand of solid works users. Other than solidworks you should learn other Essentials Software for mechanical engineers. 

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