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These days, the market is flooded with lots of mechanical engineering software to help engineers in delivering first time right products. These software are designed to solve different engineering problems. For example, FloTherm is used for thermal analysis of electronics products where solidworks is primarily used for creating CAD designs. This article covers essential mechanical engineering software for mechanical engineers

Technology is evolving and now mechanical engineers are facing more complex problems. These complex problems are very difficult to solve without any aid from mechanical engineering software. Software are used by mechanical engineers to solve complex engineering problems quickly and reliably, design first time right products and aid manufacturing teams.

Mechanical Engineering Software

According to type of application and problem to be solved, mechanical engineering software can be classified into three categories.

  • Mechanical design software (CAD Tools).
  • Simulation or analysis software.
  • Manufacturing software.

Mechanical Engineering Software for Product Design : CAD Tools

CAD design software is used by mechanical engineers to design and visualize product aesthetics before manufacturing actual products. Some of their other applications include:

  • Concept design.
  • Part and assembly CAD model design.
  • Create engineering drawings.
  • Bill of material etc.

Engineers who are looking for a career in design shall have basic knowledge of CAD design Software. Beginners can start with AutoCAD or SolidWorks. Some of the best cad tool available in market includes:

Click this link if you are looking for free CAD Software for mechanical engineers.

Analysis / Simulation Software for Mechanical Engineering

Simulation software is used to predict product behavior in real life conditions. During product design, simulation software helps in eliminating design risks. Therefore companies can design first time right products and deliver them on time. For example, Simulation software is used to predict vehicle behavior on the road before building actual prototypes.

According to the type of problem software solves, simulation software can be classified in the following categories.

  • Structural analysis software.
  • CFD Tools
  • Electronics Cooling Analysis (Thermal Simulation)
  • Stackup Analysis
1) Finite Element / Structural Analysis Software

Following FEA tools are used to ensure if design will be safe in various loading conditions.

2) CFD (Computational Fluid Analysis)

Following CFD softwares are used by mechanical engineers to predict the behavior of fluid in various scenarios. For example, Behavior of a fluid while passing through nozzle can be predicted using CFD tools.  

3) Electronics Cooling Analysis (Thermal Simulation)

Engineers utilizes following thermal simulation software to determine the effect of heat and temperature on a product.

4) Tolerance Stackup Analysis Software

Engineers utilizes following tolerance analysis software to ensure product assembly during product manufacturing. Read this article for details on tolerance stackup analysis.

Mechanical Engineering Software For Manufacturing : CAM

These days, manufacturing is more dependent on cam software. Following CAM software are used to program CNC and VMC machines.

To sum up, if you are looking for a career in mechanical engineering. Basic understanding of design, simulation and manufacturing mechanical engineering software will help you in your career.

We will keep updating this article on software for mechanical engineers. Please add your comments, suggestions or questions on softwares used by mechanical engineers in the comment box.

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