What is Smart Plug and How it Works ?

Smart Plug is a “IoT Based device” that is used to convert any ordinary device into smart device. Firstly a User need to plug smartplug into electrical socket. Afterwards an ordinary device is plugged into smart plug socket. In this way when you connect any ordinary device into smart socket. That device becomes a smart device. Afterwards User can control these devices ordinary devices remotely.

A user can control smart plug connected devices using a mobile app or smart speaker and they can also set Schedules. Click this link if you are interested in knowing various types of sensors. 

How Smart Plug Works?

This image shows the working of smart plug.

As shown in above image, Smartplug are plugged into an ordinary socket and get power from that socket. When an ordinary device is plugged into a smart plug. Ordinary device power is controlled by the smartplug. When Smart Plugs are connected to the internet using a gateway. Users can control the connected device using their smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart speaker.

Advantages of SmartPlug

Smart Plug has following advantages when connected to an ordinary device.

  • Connected devices can be operated remotely.
  • Better energy management.
  • Energy Monitoring (Track Energy usage for individual Equipment)
  • Scheduling
  • User Convenience

Applications of Smartplug in Home Automation

Smart plug connected appliances can be controlled using mobile apps or voice assistants such as Alexa or Google home. Users can use IFTTT (If This Then That) Recipes to automate smart home appliances connected with smartplug.

Therefore Smart Plug can have following Applications in home automation.

  • HVAC Control: Smartplugs can be used to control room heating or cooling remotely or using scheduling. In this way users can save electricity and improve comfort level. 
  • Light Control: Smartplus are used to convert home ordinary lighting system into smart lights. Click this Link!! if you want to know in detail about smart lighting Technology.
  • Control Your TV and Other Appliances: When your TV is connected to a smartplug. You Don’t need to worry about your child watching TV all the time. Because you can control TV remotely or set schedules.
  • Sprinkle Control: When the plant sprinkler system is connected to a smartplug. You can water your plants no matter where you are? Because You can start the sprinkles even when you’re away from home.

How to Select the Right Smart Plug?

Different types of smartplugs in different designs are available in the market. Not all smartplugs work in all scenarios. Here are the points you should consider before buying a new Smartplug.

Socket Type

Different countries use different types of sockets. Make sure your selected smartplug supports the socket at your home.

Ampere Rating

Not all appliances come at the same ampere rating. Most of the smart plugs available in the market come in 5 and 10 Ampere rating. Therefore make sure device ampere rating is always less than plug ampere rating.

Communication Technology

Smartplugs are available in following communication technologies.

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Z-Wave
  • Zigbee

If you want to control the device remotely. Make sure if you select a plug that is compatible with your existing smart home system. If this is your first smart home device, you can also select Wi-Fi based smartplug as well.

Alexa or Google Home Support

If you have a smart voice assistant installed at your home. Make sure your smartplug is compatible with that.


Most of smartplug available in market are very bulky in size. Therefore make sure enough space is available in the area where you want to install the smartplug. 

Commonly asked Questions on Smartplugs:

Does Smart-Plug Really Saves Energy?

Energy saving From smartplug depends on how a user is using it. For example, If smartplug is used to control a high power consumption device. User can set schedules, control remotely and energy saving is possible. Whereas if smartplug is used to control a low power consumption device such as lights. User can not save considerable energy but it improves user experience.  

How much a smart plug system will Cost?

To operate a Smarplug remotely, WiFi connection is required. If you already have a wifi connection then you only need to buy a smartplug. 

Can a smartplug turn on a TV?

For most of TV, Yes it can control TV. For this you need to plug smartplug into ordinary socket and your TV into smartplug socket.

We will keep adding more information on the working of a smart plug. Please add your suggestions, comments or questions in the comment box.

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