What is Smart Home Technology and How it Works?

Smart home technology utilizes sensors, connected devices and internet of things (IoT) for home automation. These smart connected homes can be monitored and controlled from anywhere using smart home apps, laptop or other connected devices. In this article we will discuss what is smart home technology, why we need this and how it works.

Why we require Smart Home Devices / Home Automation

When you are leaving your home, you are not sure if you switched off your devices, locked your home or turned on your security system.

  • Smart home devices allow user to remotely control and monitor their smart devices. 
  • These devices are also that much smart they can take decisions as per user requirements.
  •  Real time smart home data can be stored to cloud. User can access this data from anywhere.
This Helps In:
  • Reduce wastage of electricity.
  • Since smart home can be monitored 27X7. It enhances home security.
  • Smart home environment can be controlled as per user requirements. Therefore it improves user comfort and saves electricity.
  • They provides user convenience of operating devices from anywhere in the world.

How Smart Home (Home Automation) Works ?

Smart home works by connecting all devices (Sensors, Security, Home Appliances, Lighting) in home to Internet of things. Data from IoT is analysed locally on in cloud. This analysed data provides insight to the user.

Smart Home Automation Components

Home Automation utilizes following components / products to make a home Smart.

Smart Speaker

Connected smart speakers or voice assistant are changing the way a user interact with a smart device. These voice assistants are capable of giving commands to these smart devices. For example you can control your smart bulb with alexa or google home.


  • Voice Assistants
  • Smart devices can be controlled.
Smart Door Bell

Door bell is the first thing a visitor interact with at your home. Smart doorbell is an connected doorbell that send an alert to doorbell app. It activates and send live video when a visitor presses doorbell button.


  • Motion Detection Feature.
  • Two-way communication.
  • On demand video feed.
  • Send an Alert to house owner smartphone when visitor presses doorbell button.
Smart Door Lock
Smart Door lock makes your front door smart. With smart-lock, you are always control your door, no matter where you are. You can control them right from your phone. They also have capability to raise alarm in case of unintended entry.


  • Activity Monitoring
  • Guest Access
  • Auto Lock / Unlock
  • Remote Monitoring

Smart Lock Devices

Smart Connected Security Camera

A smart connected camera in a smart home enhances household security. Users can demand camera live stream from anywhere. These camera also have features like : motion detection, zoning, night vision and Smart alerts.


  • Motion detection
  • Smart alerts (baby crying, unwanted intrusion)
  • Night Vision
  • Two way Communication.
Smart Smoke and CO Detector

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors along with raising an alarm also send audio alert to user connected devices.


  • Send Alert to your phone.
  • Can tell specific place for alarm.
Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat are used in smart home automation to control HVAC system. They allow users to control their home temperature remotely. These thermostat also adjust home temperature based on user behavior.


  • Adjust room temperature based on user behavior.
  • Improves user comfort.
  • Saves Electricity. 
  • Energy Reports

Smart Thermostat Devices

Smart Lighting

Connected smart lighting can be controlled using internet connected devices such as smartphone or laptop. These smart light brightness and colors can also be controlled. Read this article for more details on smart lighting technology.


  • Adjust light brightness.
  • Multiple colors
  • Daylight Sensing
  • Occupancy Sensing
  • Scheduling

Smart Lighting Devices

Smart Appliances

A smart connected refrigerator can control refrigerator temperature more precisely. Therefore it utilizes low energy. It also sends you an alert if it’s door left opened.


  • Look inside the refrigerator on mobile app.
  • Let you know if you left the fridge door open.
  • Works with smart speakers (Alexa and Google home).
  • Create Schedule
  • Holiday Mode
Smart Plug / Socket
Connected Smart plug can help you in creating your existing devices smarts. For this you just need to plugin existing device into the smart plug. Read this article for more details on smart plug.


  • Can be controlled and monitored remotely.
  • Can Make any product smart.
  • Schedule option is available


To sum up, Smart home automation is becoming more affordable because of more penetration of internet of things, Cloud computing, cheaper availability of data and machine learning technology. They enhances home security, improves comfort level and reduce electricity & gas bills.

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