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Difference Between Product Design and Product Development

Product development is a broader term and product design is a part of product development. Product development involves lot of activities. That starts from market analysis and finishes at the end of product life cycle. In this article we will discuss the difference between product design and product development. 

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Product Development

Product Development includes complete product development cycle. It starts from market analysis followed by product specifications, concept/industrial design, product design, costing, scheduling, testing, manufacturing, logistics, customer feedback, improvements and all other aspects of getting a product into the market.

Complete product development process involves marketing, design, purchase, manufacturing, sales and after sales support teams.

Product Design

Product Design process involves mostly technical work. It involves product concept design, user experience, architecture design, mechanical design, electrical and electronics design, firmware development, design calculations, simulation and product testing.

A good product design ensures, product working as per design specifications and within target cost.


To understand the difference we will consider an example of washing machine. If a company “X’ decides to launch washing machine in market.

They will start with market research. This involves finding target market, calculate market size, understanding consumer requirement, bench-marking. If they find an opportunity in this. They will move to next step. otherwise they will scrap the project.   

Next step is washing machine design, prototyping, testing, certifications and Production. In the time, marketing and sales teams start promotions and marketing.

After that sales team get feed back from their customers. All teams, that includes management, design, manufacturing will analyze those feedback. And Design, manufacturing and testing team starts working on product improvement.

During complete product life-cycle, support team provide customer support and after sales services to customers.

This whole process involves lot of activities. From start to end of product life cycle is known as Complete product development. It require management, marketing, design, testing, manufacturing, logistics accounts, after-sales teams.

Whereas Product Design is a part of product development. It involves product concept and detailed design, prototyping, validation, manufacturing support activities. Product design team involves mostly technical peoples.


To sum up,  Product development process involves product complete life-cycle. It is a broader term. Whereas Product design is a part of product development cycle.

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